Welcome to Lion Feather Studios!

417- 294-5648

Owned and Operated by Wayne Severson,


Lion Feather Studios is a full featured recording/video studio located near Kissee Mills just 20 plus miles from Branson.  

I have a nice selection of high quality mics, pre amps, RME Fireface UFX audio interface into an ADK computer built specifically for audio.
Recording platform is an up to date version of Sonar Platinum and a vast array of plugins such as Guitar Rig 5, Overloud TH3, Superior Drummer, Fab Filter, TRacks, Melodyne and Izotope's Ozone 7.   I can provide 5 discreet headphone mixes and 3 additional mixes with some blending required.

Video editing is handled with Vegas Pro 14.

Outboard gear includes Grace 101 pre amps, Focusrite Pre's, ART & Yamaha compressors, Lexicon PCM 90 reverb, Presonis HP60 Headphone amp, Focal Alpha 80 monitors, Yamaha NS10M Monitors. Sony and Panasonic video cameras.   Also DAT Machines and a Cassette player to facilitate transfers to CD


This is a home studio providing a relaxed and serene enviroment. Though not exactly secluded it is very private. Recording can be stressful and some of the important things I offer is a calm and supportive session, a beautiful view from inside, with room to roam free and clear your head, low rates so don't have to worry about every minute that passes by.

It's your music!

All I care about is helping you sound good. It doesn't matter what style or genre. It doesn't matter if you have a full band, sing karaoke. Do you want it simple and raw or a full blown production? It's up to you.

Things that help:

  1. Be prepared. Huge timesaver.
  2. Keep it fun. Stay focused, but relaxed.
  3. A good headphone mix. I'll give you what you need
  4. Use the tools to your advantage
  5. Enjoy :)