Welcome to Lion Feather Records!

417- 294-5648

Owned and Operated by Wayne Severson,


Lion Feather Records is a full featured recording studio located near Kissee Mills just 20 plus miles from Branson.  

I have a nice selection of high quality mics, pre amps, RME Fireface UFX audio interface into an ADK computer built specifically for audio.
Sonar X3E Producer and a vast array of plugins such as Guitar Rig, Overloud TH2, Superior Drummer, Fab Filter, TRacks, Melodyne and Izotope's Ozone 5.   I can provide 5 discreet headphone mixes and 3 additional mixes with some blending required.

Outboard gear includes Grace 101 pre amps, Focusrite Pre's, ART & Yamaha compressors, Lexicon PCM 90 reverb, Presonis HP60 Headphone amp. Also DAT Machines and a Cassette player to facilitate transfers to CD


This is a home studio providing a relaxed and serene enviroment. Though not exactly secluded it is very private. Recording can be stressful and some of the important things I offer is a calm and supportive session, a beautiful view from inside, with room to roam free and clear your head, low rates so don't have to worry about every minute that passes by.

It's your music!

All I care about is helping you sound good. It doesn't matter what style or genre. It doesn't matter if you have a full band, sing karaoke. Do you want it simple and raw or a full blown production? It's up to you.

Things that help:

  1. Be prepared. Huge timesaver.
  2. Keep it fun. Stay focused, but relaxed.
  3. A good headphone mix. I'll give you what you need
  4. Use the tools to your advantage
  5. Enjoy :)